Uhlmann Umbrellas 
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Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - "Quality meets Elegance
Aluminum that looks like wood......

Structure looks like wood but has the strength and longevity of aluminum.  A special coloring technology of 8 layers of coating applied by hand provides an exclusive effect that cannot be matched by mass production.

A few popular wood colors are show below.  Other samples are available upon request.
Unique and life like marble finishes are also available to match any elegant decor.


Rain Gutters for the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are conically manufactured, and when attached to the umbrellas they provide a slight decline to ensure proper drainage.  Threaded aluminum pipes are inserted into the material sleeves and connected together for further improved drainage.  The rain gutter is attached to the roof support by snap hooks. Rain gutters can connect several umbrellas into one unit, or can connect an umbrella to a building. It is preferable that umbrellas have a valance if rain gutters will be used.

Side Panels increase the practical use of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas by further protecting customers from the elements.  Side panels are available with or without transparent window foil.  Doors can also be cut and rolled up or down depending on the need.  With the use of side panels, umbrellas can be partitioned into smaller, intimate areas.  Adjacent side panels are connected with Velcro.

Heating - The new generation of infrared heating elements (manufactured by Philips) are very efficient, extreme shock resistant, provide 5000 hours of service life, and use very little energy compared to other electric heaters. These heaters are non-obtrusive and almost maintenance-free compared to gas emitters. They are very safe, and the umbrellas can be completely surrounded by side panels while the heaters are on. Also safe for smokers.

Using our special installation method, the heaters fold down to the mast when the umbrella is closed.

View or download Tansun Rio II Reference Manual.

Lighting - Adding lights to the umbrella increases the time that can be spent on terraces enjoying the outdoors. In addition the warm light creates an appreciated and relaxing ambience. 
For our Type T umbrellas the fixtures are attached on the mast, while on larger Type TL and TLx  they are installed to the roof supports. All  wiring runs inside the mast for safety and aesthetics. The power connection is an industrial plug, located on the mast or hidden inside the ground sleeve.

View or download Information Sheet on Lights.

Printing is the "eye-candy" of the umbrellas. Being eye-catching and appealing, it provides advertising for your business and helps build your unique identity. 
We provide in-house screen printing up to six colors and larger than 11 feet in size. Your name and logo can appear on valances or on the canopy's roof section. We work with only original high resolution ESP (vector graphics) file for the layout. The original art work will assure the best quality results.   Printing will only occur after your approval of the layout, colors, and location on your umbrella.

Logos can be printed on the umbrella pane
or on the valances, as seen below.   To the
right are examples of  other logos we have printed.